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Cleaning Program
No matter what kind of business or service you provide, the environment you and your staff work within is a direct reflection of an organizations standards and aspirations. A clean, fresh and well-maintained working atmosphere has more impact on your customers and personnel than you realize.

Our concept of contract cleaning is a simple one. Our employees are specifically trained to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We custom design specific work tasks to be done at certain intervals, based on our customer's expectations. We take no short-cuts. We say what we are going to do... and we do it!

We personally TRAIN our staff  to an exceptionally high standard.  More importantly, we maintain this standard by a combination of effective supervisory control and by providing the best pay rates for cleaning personnel   within our industry.

Specialist services:
· Office cleaning,
· Computer cleaning,
· Carpet/upholstery cleaning,
· Hard floor cleaning,
· Window cleaning,
· Janitorial supplies,
· Sanitary bin waste management,
· Laundry service, 

Our people understand that your "work place" is their "work place". Each contract job has its own crew of people. Once the crew is assigned to a specific facility, it remains their work site. There is no rotation of crews. This allows the quality of the job to remain consistent and under control at all times.

Contract Office Programs include,
Þ Several office cleaning packages to fit every facility's needs and budget,
Þ customized plans to meet your unique needs,

 Our staff:
¨ Are trained,
¨ Are fully comprehensively insured,
¨ Have Personal Protective Equipment,
¨ Comply with all existing and new health and safety regulations,
¨ Perform regular checks and maintenance on all equipment, 

Customer satisfaction with Pars Mabani Cleaning is high because we are a disciplined company, who knows the names and job responsibilities of each of our employees.