FAIRNESS, HONESTY and INTEGRITY lie at the heart of our business and the way we interact with our clients and employees which are essential factors for long-term business success. Our clients' interests always come first, and  experience  shows  that if  we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.
Our Aim is to provide high quality Services with reasonable price for our customer, and provide total FLEXIBLE, CUSTOMIZABLE and EFFICIENT methods to meet customer various requirements.
Our assets are our people. We believe that a motivated staff and team spirit are critical elements for successful business performance and client



Integrated Management System Strategy

By understanding the mission and believing in the honesty and morality in work and considering the fact that the customer guarantees the survival and development of the Company as the most important factor to grow, Pars Mabani Company relies its main goals on the following standards to :implement IMS (Integrated Management System) based on

ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, ISO22000:2005, HACCP, HSE-MS, SMETA


1)      A Leading company, providing wide range of services through promotion and use of latest available knowledge, skills, approaches and standards appropriate for all client's requirements;

2)      Promoting the awareness and consideration to the business ethics, careful observing morality in performances under any circumstances, applying ethics principles in decision making process throughout the organization;

3)      Increasing the customer satisfaction level by meeting the principle of regular improvement and permanent commitment in relationship with customers;

4)      Reducing the costs of the service while keeping the quality and customer satisfactions at the same level;

5)      Protecting and improving the organizational culture by enforcing trust, honesty happiness, and interest to achieve quality, safety, health, and environmental goals;

6)      Recognizing and observing all applicable national and international laws in the field of safety, health, environment and food safety;

7)      Employing and developing talented and highly educated human resources loyal to Company's goals;

8)      Developing and supporting teamworking philosophy and cooperative atmosphere at the company;

9)      Preventing and controlling environmental pollutions, health and safety hazards and reducing risks and incidents;

10)  Optimal use of energy and natural resources to protect the environment;

11)  Serious attention to customers' criticism and suggestion as a fundamental basis of development and improvement of the services;

All company's personnel and contractors working with Pars Mabani shall carefully observe and follow the mentioned criteria.

Mazdak Karimi, Managing Director