Pars Mabani Services

Guesthouse Services


We offer you best possible guesthouses all over the country, paying serious attention to details and providing all inclusive services that best suit you and your family.

Our Major Guesthouse Services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
¨ General Cleaning Services,
¨ Laundry Services for the room occupant & room accommodation services,
¨ Iranian & Continental Catering Services, (Breakfast, Late breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late dinner)
¨ 24 hours Security Services & Reception,
¨ 24 hours Maintenance & Repair,
¨ Airport Transfer,
¨ Supplying materials & equipment on Call out Basis,

Laundry Services,
Room Occupant Laundry Services,

        Washing and ironing of all the clothes, overalls and uniforms of the occupant of the rooms of the Accommodation Blocks.

Accommodations Room Laundry Services,
¨ Washing and ironing of all bed linen of the Accommodation Blocks, this shall be changed every three-calendar days. All the bed linens of the rooms shall be changed when the occupant change,
¨ Washing and ironing of all the towels of the Accommodation Blocks, which shall be, changed every day,
¨ Wash all the curtains and the bedspread of the Accommodation Blocks every two (2) months,


General Cleaning & Room keeping Services (Camp & Guesthouses),

¨ Daily cleaning and washing of the floors, of all rooms, kitchen, toilet, and bathroom, lodging and rooms for personnel, recreation, stores, laundry and all other annexed    locals.
¨ Rooms are vacuumed, dusted and cleaned daily, windows are cleaned and beds are made and regularly changed.  Washrooms and bathrooms are also cleaned and            disinfected.
¨ Change of all bed-liens of the inhabited rooms every three (3) calendar days. It is      mandatory that all bed-liens of all the dormitories shall be changed when the accommodation rooms occupant change.
¨ Wash all the arm-chairs and the sofas, if any, every (2) months,
¨ Change of the towels (one medium and one large size) for each room’s occupant, every (3) days.
¨ Soup, Shampoo, Paper tissue, Towel, Toothbrush, Tooth paste, Slippers, Mineral water, Biscuit, available in each room,






  • Scrubber


  • Scrubber


  • Lawn Mower


  • Industrial Vaccume Cleaner


  • Wet / Dry Vaccume Cleaner


  • Carpet Cleaner


  • Steam Cleaner