Pars Mabani Services

Security Services


Our company is comprised of highly trained personnel with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of Security Services for   OFFICES, SITES and GUESTHOUSES.

All too often the issue of security is given a low priority until an incident occurs!  An effective security operation can cut losses.

Range of professional services we offer you:
¨ Closed Circuit Television Systems,
¨ Access Control Systems,
¨ Intruder Detection Systems,
¨ Environmental Design to minimize the risk,
¨ Locks & Barriers,
¨ Fire Detection Systems,
¨ Lighting Systems,

Our Security and risk management surveys give you a realistic, objective   assessment of your vulnerability and how best to minimize any risk.  We offer you detailed reports presenting recommendations and alternatives based on current needs.

We provide a full range of professional services in a prompt and cost effective manner.




  • Scrubber


  • Scrubber


  • Lawn Mower


  • Industrial Vaccume Cleaner


  • Wet / Dry Vaccume Cleaner


  • Carpet Cleaner


  • Steam Cleaner