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Manpower Solution

Manpower Solution
People are the greatest asset. Behind every great vision are the numerous individuals who deliver on the promise. Manpower is dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision.

We work in partnership with businesses to deliver reliable and professional employees to meet changing business needs. This is achieved by providing clients with a choice - temporary staff for a day, a team for a week, permanent staff for a long term managed contract.

Rather than simply placing candidates into jobs, we invest in people by offering them training, and a complete career path. We accept full employer liability and responsibility for benefits, enabling companies to focus on their core business and minimize human recourse costs.

We have developed a special package to assist all its clients in their hiring attempt, such as:
· Professional, technical resources, from IT professionals and engineers to receptionists and assembly workers
· High professional level and good English communication
· Quality assessment, testing and training
· Candidates’ direct hire (not only subcontracting them)
· Outplacement programs to ensure a positive transition for outgoing employees
· Flexible fee’s system to choose the closest system with personnel policies and according to needs
· 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of professional assistance

We focus on staffing quality as you focus on your core business. Quality means supplying a wide range of workforce solutions, providing people with the appropriate skills, and delivering superior performance that can be accurately measured and assessed. We achieve this through our proprietary processes of selection and training. Our System ensures the best match between our customers' needs and the ability and skills of our employees. We help people, companies and governments make the right choices, benefiting from what’s happening now and understanding what’s coming next in the changing world of work.

Manpower resourcing and planning
Focuses on the recruitment and release of individuals from organizations, together with the management of their performance and potential. This elective develops as critical awareness of work, organization and human resource planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, and release from the organization, as well as the appropriate skills and competences. 

Manpower resourcing and planning is concerned with all factors which influence the way that employees within the organization are managed. It includes 'soft' planning related to behaviors, culture, empowerment and commitment, and the traditional ' hard' numbers-based approach to planning. 

Equal Employment Opportunity
Ensuring that all people are given the opportunity to apply for positions regardless of color, creed, age or sexual orientation. Employment agreements should contain an EEO component to cement the company's position on these matters. A breach of EEO policy can result in instant dismissal without industrial relations implications. 

Key Performance Indicators
Are used in conjunction with role or job descriptions and performance reviews to gauge how an employee is performing against pre-agreed targets. It can be linked to remuneration as this gives the employee the ability to earn additional income by achieving certain goals within the parameters of their position or department. Repeated failure to meet these criteria can also lead to the termination of the employee, however this would need to be spelt out quite clearly in the employees' contract and job description and re-enforced during performance reviews. 

Occupational Health & Safety
This can include providing free information sessions to employees about how to cope with stress and making their working environment more friendly.

Performance Reviews
A fairly common activity used by organizations to monitor how employees are performing based on predetermined criteria. Performance reviews are normally conducted every 6 months completing separate evaluations before sitting down to achieve consensus on actual performance. A performance review should cover
all tasks and actions agreed to from the previous review and set new ones for the next period of time. Both parties should accept tasks or actions in order to achieve the employee's goals for the next period. 

Role or Job Description
Is about setting role or job descriptions as part of an employment agreement. The role or job description component of the employment agreement needs to identify the position responsibilities, duties, remuneration levels, who it reports to and who reports to it. Role and job description can evolve over a period of time depending on additional responsibilities, re-location or similar changes. HR management must be alert to all these "creeping changes". In some cases, if the changes are dramatic, it is prudent for HR management development to perform a process chain study and reassess role requirements. 

Succession Planning
To ensure that a replacement incumbent is available from within the organization should a position become vacant. Besides to direct an employee's training and development within the organization. For instance, if an employee shows the correct aptitude for a different position and openly expresses their desire to eventually occupy that position. The company has an immediate successor for that position, should it suddenly become vacant and, the employee can see a development path for their immediate future. 

Development courses or steps to achieve very particular skills or qualifications. It could involve several courses on the same subject, but with differing skill levels being attained upon the completion of each e.g. introductory, advanced etc to rapidly promote the most able of graduate intake. 

We do also provide Catering, Cleaning, and all services which would create an excellent atmosphere and services to promote workplace in every sense and increase personnel productivity, interest, and happiness accordingly.