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Maintenance Services

We establish a disciplined process and a good system to support by performing preventive maintenance, planning maintenance, and scheduling maintenance program, backed by our quality assurance guarantee.

· Equipment is normally best maintained or serviced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or its authorized service organization.
· Equipment repair is normally handled on an individual needs basis and the manner in which the repair is handled depends on whether the equipment is In-Warranty or Out-of-Warranty.
· New equipment is normally warranted by the manufacturer against faulty parts or workmanship for a period of time. Such equipment is generally supplied with a warranty card which should be completed and returned to the manufacturer as soon as the equipment is received and accepted.
· Depending on the details of the warranty, the manufacturer may be legally responsible for replacement or repair only if the defective equipment is returned to an authorized repair center, freight prepaid.
· A service maintenance contract is recommended for highly technical scientific equipment because of the nature of the equipment and the need to keep equipment downtime to a minimum. 

Our range of services is focused around two core property maintenance needs: 
1. Preventive Maintenance, such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry & roofing and painting requirements.
2. Responsive Maintenance, including a 24 hour - 7 day a week help desk, and insurance and emergency repairs.

3.1. In-Warranty Service and Repair
· If the service needed is routine, we contact the vendor directly by telephone or email and arrange for needed maintenance or repair. If the service needed is other than routine, contact the Purchasing Department for assistance.
· For each service or repair request, routine or otherwise, furnish the number and date of the purchase order, or Small Purchase Voucher, and the nature of the defect to the vendor as appropriate.
· Serviced or repaired equipment will be returned.

 3.2. Out-of Warranty Service and Repair
These repairs and/or services may be obtained in one of the following ways:
· If the total cost is above 3,000,000 Rials (including shipping and tax) Purchase Requisition shall be required. Purchasing will process and assign a purchase order number or authorize a payment and performing necessary services.
· Emergency repairs / repair parts does not require prior approval and all emergency repairs will be handled without submitting a purchase requisition and supporting documentation at first place. 

Our trained and specialist personnel also provide services to compliment the above in:
· Property condition audits,
· Development & implementation of grounds management plans.
· Arboricultural services including audits and maintenance.
· Maintenance painting program tailored specifically to the needs of your property.
· Application of a range of specialized heavy-duty protective coatings.
· Graffiti removal and application of anti - graffiti coating systems.
· Building Services provides total property maintenance solutions through consulting and contracting services to property owners who have simple or complex asset maintenance requirements.

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