Pars Mabani Services

Catering Services

PARS MABANI CATERING means Quality, Dimensions and Routes of Taste with destination a uniquely rich and originality state - of - art Catering.

HYGEINE IS OUR PRIORITY which complies with international accepted Hygiene and Safety standards through the implementation of the HACCP System from a plane dish to the most complete menu and always in the spirit of perfection.

To provide these high standards, we incorporate the following which distinct us from many traditional Companies:
¨ Periodical examining incoming ingredients, processed foods and food preparation equipment by a fully equipped Microbiological Laboratory, which enable reliable bacteriological assessment.
¨ All personnel continuously participating in training programs and various related courses.

Our   team   of   dedicated   and   talented professionals shares the company’s vision of creating a wonderfully unique experience for each and every client.


We will strive to empower our employees, using teamwork and innovation, to build a successful company that is a responsible corporate citizen.


The type of cuisine shall be continually and widely varied but in keeping with the tastes of the personnel.


  • Scrubber


  • Scrubber


  • Lawn Mower


  • Industrial Vaccume Cleaner


  • Wet / Dry Vaccume Cleaner


  • Carpet Cleaner


  • Steam Cleaner